I’m Jogging!

11 Oct

I think I ran next to this guy once…

A couple of months ago I had to share the track with a gentleman that was training for the circus olympics. Well, that’s unconfirmed. I don’t know what he was training for and there were no visible signs of him actually being a clown (for example, a red nose or giant shoes). But he was on a unicycle, had a golf club and was hitting a ball around the tennis track… right in the middle of our track workout. Surely, he was a clown.

I will admit I was slightly annoyed mainly because he was taking up several lanes and zigging back and forth. But the other part of me was entertained. I had mental bets against myself on how long it would take before he collided with a runner. Or a runner kicked his ball. It made my 800’s go by just a little bit faster.

What’s the most obnoxious thing you’ve had to run around?


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