An open letter to the organizers of women’s races

28 Jan

Thank you for organizing a fun event that allows women to get together and celebrate our strength. Thank you for hosting a race that unites us towards one common goal — that finish line. And thank you for creating such a beautiful space to support and encourage each other. 

I would like to suggest that for a such an incredible women’s only event that you consider hiring a female announcer to be the voice of the race. Because how awesome would it be to hear our voice represented as we step over that start line? How empowering would it be to receive those final cheers from your fellow women before you finally cross that finish? 

And if, for some odd reason,  you can’t find a woman to fill the role, could I suggest that you coach your male announcer in the language he uses to address us? Encourage him to not just comment on our tutus, but how damn strong we look. And even more importantly, suggest that he uses words other than “ladies” and “girls” as he addresses us. Don’t get me wrong — I use the word “ladies” with my girlfriends but when we are feeling strong we call ourselves “women.” I understand there’s a lot of runners, so here are some other words that he can use along with “woman”: Goddess, warrior, female, badass. 

Thanks again for all that you do for women.



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