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An open letter to the organizers of women’s races

28 Jan

Thank you for organizing a fun event that allows women to get together and celebrate our strength. Thank you for hosting a race that unites us towards one common goal — that finish line. And thank you for creating such a beautiful space to support and encourage each other. 

I would like to suggest that for a such an incredible women’s only event that you consider hiring a female announcer to be the voice of the race. Because how awesome would it be to hear our voice represented as we step over that start line? How empowering would it be to receive those final cheers from your fellow women before you finally cross that finish? 

And if, for some odd reason,  you can’t find a woman to fill the role, could I suggest that you coach your male announcer in the language he uses to address us? Encourage him to not just comment on our tutus, but how damn strong we look. And even more importantly, suggest that he uses words other than “ladies” and “girls” as he addresses us. Don’t get me wrong — I use the word “ladies” with my girlfriends but when we are feeling strong we call ourselves “women.” I understand there’s a lot of runners, so here are some other words that he can use along with “woman”: Goddess, warrior, female, badass. 

Thanks again for all that you do for women.



Since I’ve Been Gone: Part One

23 Oct

Holy crap. Where did the last six months of my life go? It all seems like a blur. But it’s been a beautiful blur. And after the year that I had last year, I’m feeling like this is the best year ever. Let me fill you in.

Earth Day Birthday

When my sister told me she was pregnant last year, it wasn’t long before I was trying to calculate if my nephew would show up in the middle of spring semester final exams. What can I say? I’m a planner. However, because my nephew is undoubtedly a true gentlemen, he waited to make his grand entrance into this world until Earth Day, exactly two days after my last final exam of the spring semester.

It’s been incredible watching my little sister and my brother-in-law blossom as parents to this little guy that has captured all of our hearts:

Those cheeks!

Those cheeks!

My sister and my nephew at Trader Joe's

My gorgeous sister and my adorable nephew on his first Trader Joe’s trip

I’m now one of those proud aunts that shows photos of her nephew to anyone that will look. I can’t tell you how much I love having him in our world. And, he hasn’t peed on me yet so that wins him bonus points.


Sometimes I still wake up in a panic, thinking that I have an assignment due or I forgot to study for an exam. But then I remember: I’m done! I survived the past two years of juggling a full-time job, my MBA program, and somehow squeezing in time for the people I love. Since my program only has one commencement a year, my class walked in May, and then, as part of a cruel joke, we returned to class days later to complete our summer semester. Alas, at the end of July I successfully completed my MBA program and reclaimed my life (especially those weekends). Feel free to call me “HeMBArie” from now on. Ha!

Me and my biggest cheerleader

Me and my biggest cheerleader, my husband

Words cannot express how grateful I am to my friends and family for accepting my absences over the last two years. And I undoubtedly could not have done this without my husband. He cleaned up the messes he dubbed “Hurricane Hey” in every room of our house, made sure I ate, and encouraged me to take it one day at a time. I tried to gift him my MBA diploma, but he already has his own.

I managed to keep running (I even ran a marathon) until the last two semesters where I finally accepted that sleep had become more valuable to me than exercise. I quietly hung up my running shoes and replaced hitting the pavement with time spent in my bed. However, as that second to last semester came to a close and the hardest parts of my final semester were behind me, I slowly dusted off my running shoes and started meeting my friends for early morning runs and coffee. I even signed up for the Cocoa Beach Half Marathon to motivate me to get back in shape. The race is in two days, so keep an eye out for my race recap next week.

2 x 4

This is the nickname my MBA classmates gave me when they found out that I accepted a position with my dream company. That’s right… In just two years, I somehow managed to work for four different companies. In my defense, I don’t usually move around so much. But a couple of years ago I decided that life was too short to not love what I did every day and made some changes. With every move, I wondered if I was doing the right thing. Was it really realistic to want to find a job that I wanted to go to every day? Did a place where I was inspired, motivated, and encouraged by all of the people I work with actually exist??

It turns out, the answer is yes. I’m four months into my new position and I still can’t believe how incredibly lucky I feel. Fun fact: this was actually the very first job I interviewed with a couple of years ago on my newfound pursuit of happiness and I wasn’t offered a position. Sometimes it just takes a little patience and a lot of perseverance.

But that’s not all that’s happened lately.

To be continued…  

This Sums Up The Last Two Years Very Nicely

18 Apr

Walt Disney World Marathon Recaps

4 Jan

I can’t get enough information about my upcoming Walt Disney World Marathon. What time do I need to get there? What are the port-o-potty lines like? What’s parking like? Which mile is the infamous highway overpass? Where do I get chocolate??

Here are some of my favorite recaps that I’ve read so far:

Run, Eat, Date, Sleep

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Healthy Tipping Point

Added after posting:

Run, Eat, Repeat

If you have any Walt Disney World Marathon recaps you suggest, please post them in the comments below. I would love to read them.

Only 4 more days to go!

My Pumpkin Obsession: Cookies

21 Oct

I have what I consider to be a very healthy obsession with pumpkin. In the past, this was limited to pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks and pumpkin ale. But then I tried a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie at my friend Kate and Ryan’s housewarming party and I knew I was in trouble. Kate quickly supplied my habit by sharing the recipe with me. Too my delight, it’s super easy!

It turns out the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe is an one. You can click here for ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to make these cookies. The recipe calls for walnuts, but since I don’t want to take the chance with people’s nut allergies, I’ve been leaving them out. I also added a little pumpkin pie spice for extra flavor.

I’ve made these cookies twice so far and the masses love them. They are cake-like and super soft. Did I mention that these are easy to make? Aside from being pumpkin and tasting delish, the dummy-proof instructions are quite the selling point.

Baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. My house smelled so good and fall-like.

I made these cookies Wednesday night for a little department shindig we have monthly. Here are the cookies sitting right next to my next pumpkin obsession: Publix Pumpkin Pie ice cream. It has pie crust in it. PIE CRUST! This is one of their limited-edition ice creams, so I strongly suggest you go to the store right now and buy some. (I’m not kidding. Go. The blog will still be here later.)

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies + pumpkin pie ice cream = best ice cream sandwich ever

For the shindig my friend made this pumpkin roll with cream cheese that was amazing. She shared the recipe and I might try it for the holidays. If it passes my dummy test (me making it successfully) then I’ll post pics.

Next up this weekend: pumpkin pancakes.

What’s your favorite pumpkin-flavored recipe?