A Dark and Dreary (and Wet) Run

29 Oct
Photo Source: Matt Gibson 

This morning our group met up at our usual spot at 6 AM to run 6 miles. My training schedule called for a 10-mile run this weekend, but since I was out of commission with my tendonitis for almost three weeks, I’m trying to ease back in slowly.

Earlier this week I had suggested that our group leaders should have our route go by a local cemetery, it being our pre-Halloween run and all. I was super excited when they agreed. I was even more excited when I woke up this morning and it was drizzling. This would set the stage for our run perfectly!

Unfortunately, it was a little too dark and I was a little too chatty, and the first time we ran right by the cemetery without my noticing. Lucky for me, we had to pass it one more time. After I mentioned how exciting it would be to actually run through the cemetery, one of my group leaders gave it some thought and agreed. It wasn’t hard convincing the rest of the group to join. Well, except for one person.

We spent the next minutes addressing some very valid concerns. The conversation went something like this:

Emily: I’ll go, but I just want it to be known that I’m not excited about this.

Me: Don’t worry. If a hand pops out of the ground and grabs someone, it can grab me.

Emily: How can you be sure it will grab you first?

Me: I’ll go first. But if something grabs me, what will you do?

Emily: I’ll pick up my pace and the group will thank you later for making us run faster.

Me: Oh, well what if I trip and hurt my ankle. Would you stay with me until help comes?

Emily: I know the way back best. I would let Christina stay with you.

Christina: But you’re the group leader.

Emily: And as group leader, I would run the group back, get my car and come back and get you.

Christina: Even without zombies?

Emily: It’s still a cemetery.

The conversation continued as we headed back towards the cemetery. And as we got closer the drizzle increased to a steady rain.

As we neared, I noted a car sitting in the parking lot of the cemetery with it’s lights on. This is how scary movies start. I picked up my pace.

The actual run through the cemetery was dark (we could hardly see the trail) and quiet. All you could hear was the crunching of the pebbles beneath our feet. It was serene. I couldn’t help but think of the tears that have been shed by loved ones here.

And most importantly, our run through the cemetery was uneventful. No ghosts. No zombies. No hands shooting out of the ground and grabbing my ankle.

Afterwards, we ran back to our cards making a squishy sound with every step. Our shoes and socks were soaked at this point.

And I never bothered to turn back around to see what happened to the car that was sitting in the parking lot.

Have you ever run through the cemetery? If so, how was your experience?


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