10 Miles, 3 Peacocks and a Hawk on a Wire

13 Nov

Yesterday my marathon training plan for the Walt Disney World Marathon called for a 10 to 14 mile run. Since I’m coming back from injury, I opted for 10 miles and met the group at 6:30 am. After last week’s IT problems during our 16-miler, I made sure I was there early enough for some much needed dynamic stretching before the start.

I’m often worried before our long runs that I will become bored. I think this stems from training for my last two half marathons by myself. Boredom tempts me to cut my mileage short. And talk to myself. But that’s normal, right?

It’s usually not a problem these days since I now train with my Track Shack Marathonfest ladies (and one gent). Running with a group helps keep the conversation going, and it distracts me from the mile at hand. Also, for long slow runs, my ability to converse (or lack thereof) helps me determine if I pacing correctly: If I can talk with only short gasps for air, I’m okay on pace; If I’m gasping for air, I need to slow down.

Yesterday was full of wonderful distractions (none of which were pain, which is a very bad distraction):

  • Marine Corp Marathon and New York City Marathon: Two of our runners recently ran these races and it was their first time rejoining the group since their marathons. Since these are two races I want to run, I wasted no time asking them for full race recaps.
  • Hawk on a telephone wire: We stopped to look at this beautiful bird, but I must admit it was a little nervous that it would mistake my pony tail for prey and it would swoop down and get me. I did not stop to take a photo.
  • Three peacocks in a tree: First of all, I didn’t even know peacocks could fly up that high! And to find not one, but three peacocks perched in the same tree? This was picture-worthy:

From this angle I could only capture one peacock, but the other two are perched in the same tree. Look smack in the middle of the photo to see it.

  •  The pumpkin scarecrow family: Last week during our 16-miler, we ran by a family of pumpkin scarecrows that I became convinced was placed there to cheer us on during our run. This week I decided to get a photo of me high-fiving our number one supporters:

Me high-fiving my biggest supporters

In the end, yesterday’s run went really well. Afterwards, I took off for my much anticipated day at Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival.

Have you seen anything on a run recently that you wished you could’ve capture on camera?


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