Post-Turkey Run

26 Nov

Is the first run after Thanksgiving Day always painful? Because this morning was brutal.

This morning we were scheduled to run 10 to 14 miles. I opted for the 10 and mid-run downgraded to 8 miles.

Actually, we were scheduled to run 20 miles today, but we swapped out our weeks and ran the 20-miler last week. I’d like to thank my group leaders for this suggestion, because running that 20 miles this morning wouldn’t have gone well.

I wonder if it’s the turkey that slowed me down… or the pumpkin pie… or the Black Friday shopping… or all of it combined.Whatever it was, it seemed my entire group was suffering from the same ailments.

Speaking of pie, Tuesday morning we ran four miles then had our usual coffee at Starbucks. One of my group members had been baking pies the night before and surprised us with this early Thanksgiving treat:

Post-run pumpkin pie

One of the reasons I run... DESSERT! Nom nom.

How about you? Have you found it hard to get moving this post-Thanksgiving weekend?


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