Things That Don’t Make for a Good Run

12 Dec

1. Christmas parties the night before a long run.

2. Cobb salad for dinner the night before a long run.

I only had two adult beverages at my company Christmas party Friday, but that was apparently two too many. I’m such a lightweight.

Also, while the cobb salad that Donnie made for dinner was not only delicious but also very pretty, I don’t think it made for a great pre-run meal. I felt like I had no fuel in my tank only a couple miles into my run.

These two things combined made for a long, sluggish 10 mile-run Saturday morning.

This makes me wonder, what’s with my 10-mile runs becoming harder than my 16+ runs?

At least Saturday was beautiful. After my bad run I nursed myself back to happiness with some good old-fashioned laying out with my boo.

Here’s our attempt to turn our back yard into a Corona commercial:

This upcoming Saturday morning is our final long run (20 to 22 miles) before taper. Friday night you’ll find me eating lots of carbs and drinking absolutely zero adult beverages. And if I’m lucky, I’ll spend the rest of the day in the backyard catching rays.

(Florida does have its perks.)


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