The 30-Day Yoga Challenge :: Days 16, 17 and 18

21 Jun

As I typed the title for this post, I couldn’t believe that I’ve already done 18 yoga practices this month. Goodness, it’s only June 21!

Day 16: Ashtanga Basics

When I checked in on Facebook for class, I had trouble remembering what day it is. It’s like when you get old… once you get over so many days you just forget. The studio owner confirmed it was day 16 for me and even let know how many hours I had practiced:

Yes, my profile pic is of me dressed like a zombie a couple of years ago. I put up the pic when all of the recent “zombie” attacks were going on. The last time I tried to change it, Facebook wouldn’t let me, so I’m stuck on zombie.

Monday was a long day at work, so the post-work decompress was nice. I’ve become familiar with the class and the instructor, so I can really focus on form and breathing.

Monday night there was an 8-year old boy (my non-parent guesstimate of his age) in attendance with his mom. I couldn’t help but think how awful it would be to get dragged to yoga as a kid with my mom, where everyone breathes funny and is so serious.

Day 17: Yoga Basics

I had wanted to try the Beginner Hot Yoga class at 5:30, but my work schedule was just too busy to make it. So instead I waited until the 8 PM Yoga Basics class, which happens to be taught by one of my fave instructors.

Can you believe I haven’t done a Hot Yoga class yet? I will get to one before the challenge is over! First I need a towel. Eek!

Class Tuesday night was good. I walked away feeling quiet, after a loud day.

Day 18: Hatha 1… Sort of

Our usual Hatha 1 instructor was out today, so we had a sub. At first I was nervous, because it was the same instructor I had for that dreaded Ying Yoga class I took at the start of the challenge. Our class was tiny, likely due to the rain so she asked if we wanted to relax, or sweat or both. We said both, and boy did we ever.

I would say the class ended up being more of a “flow” class and we did a lot of poses I hadn’t ever done, which really challenged me. At the end of the practice, I walked out of that room feeling like I had been rocked. I made a mental note to make a more concerted effort to try new instructors. The variation is a good workout!

Tonight’s day 19 with Ashtanga and then I get a rest day, though I’m thinking about taking a Friday Power Flow class so I can rest on Saturday instead.

Just eight more days of the challenge left! What will I do when it’s over?

I hope to try a test run soon… perhaps I can run a mile without pain!


One Response to “The 30-Day Yoga Challenge :: Days 16, 17 and 18”

  1. Faith @ For the Health of It June 21, 2012 at 9:25 am #

    Haha that poor kid. My friend Erin used to teach yoga at a local gym and one day she got a family of four – she had to change the whole class around to keep the little ones engaged. Such a hilarious class.

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