The 30-Day Yoga Challenge :: Day 26

2 Jul

After surviving the most difficult yoga class I took this entire challenge, I had only one more class between me and relaxation: Hatha 1.

First, I had to get to the class… which proved to be quite the challenge.

I woke up Saturday morning at 7 AM and rolled myself begrudgingly out of bed. I brushed my teeth, threw on my yoga clothes, grabbed our yoga mats and told Donnie I would meet him at the studio at 8:30.

Then I ran over to Starbucks to pick up some fraps for me and some friends:

Oops! Forgot to leave off the whipped cream!

You see, there was some confusion Saturday morning. And by confusion, I mean that I made a pretty big assumption that if I had not been so busy with yoga I would’ve had some time to really think through.

My running group leader organized a self-supported long, long, long run for a few ton of her closest friends. She did this last year for her birthday, so without giving it another thought, I assumed this was her birthday run. Never mind that her birthday is in September. My brain couldn’t be bogged down with such details.

So I show up to the run and saw Sue right away. Our conversation when a little something like this:

Me: Happy Birthday, Sue! I got you a frappuccino!

Sue: It’s not my birthday.

Me: Oh, is it tomorrow?

Sue: No, it’s in September.

Me: Oh, wow. I thought this was your birthday run.

Sue: Nope.

Me: Do you still want your frappuccino?

Sue: Not really. I can’t drink that right now.

Me: Oh.

Some Girl: Today’s my birthday!

Me: Oh, happy birthday! Do you want a frappucino?

Some Girl: Oh, no. I can’t drink that while I’m running.

Lucky for me some of my friends showed up and quickly jumped on a nice, free, cool caffeinated beverage. Goodness, who knew people don’t like to drink chilled yumminess during their lap breaks?!

Anyhow, that just gives you insight into where my brain has been this past month…

After I had finished wishing happy birthday to people whose birthday it was not, I jumped in my car and drove to yoga. I made it with just a minute to spare. Poor Donnie was just sitting on the floor in the studio because I had his mat. I laid out our mats just in time for class to start.

The class was great, even though my teacher told me he wasn’t going to go easy on me just because it was class 26. What he didn’t know is that after Friday night’s power flow class, it would be pretty hard to break me. I felt so good that I even tried an unsupported wheel pose for 2-seconds. Weeeeeeeee!

After class I stopped back by the run to see how everyone was doing. Somehow my friend Lauren convinced me to walk a lap (2.6 miles) with her. I didn’t have shoes, so I walked them in my flip flops.

The good news is, I had zero IT band pain (though it was just walking). The bad news is I have blisters on the bottom of my feet from walking in flip flops.

Afterwards I soothed the blister pain with this:

This, my friends, was a french toast cupcake topped with maple syrup and bacon. Erin made these yummy treats, along with some other yummy cupcakes. The flavors in my mouth were such a treat. I stand by my belief that bacon does make everything better!

Since Donnie and I had planned to spend the rest of the weekend near bodies of water, I was off again. And spend the weekend by the water we did indeed!

Saturday: Poolside at my mom’s.

Sunday: Beach … Take 1 … This guy rolls through my shot.

Sunday: Beach … Take 2

We each had family in town so we ended up being really busy the rest of the weekend. I haven’t really had much time to think, never mind process how 26 days of yoga has affected me.

You know what? I think I’m going to go ponder it over a glass of wine.

The one thing I can say for sure is that I’m planning on taking off from all exercise until Thursday… a much needed reward!

Congrats to Carolina, from Peas in a Blog, who not only finished the 30-day challenge as well, but she finished it with days to spare. Girl, you were a beast!

How did you spend this beautiful weekend?


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