Running Therapy

10 Oct

Combined with a very busy month and pains in my left heel that I think are the makings of plantar fasciitis, I hadn’t run in almost two weeks.

For a girl in the midst of a new job, planning a wedding and still getting adjusted in a new home, not running was becoming torturous. You see, I need running to deal with my stress. I need the pounding of the pavement to drown out my worries. And I most certainly need my running ladies to talk me off the bridal ledge. I need running.

So yesterday, me and my plantar fasciitis went for a 5:30 AM run with the ladies. We took an easy pace and ran four miles.  At first I struggled to keep up. I frowned thinking how out of shape I was with a half marathon just around the corner.

But then we began to talk about my recent woes, and suddenly my pace picked up. With every word I said, my feet landed with more determination. When I got angry, I got faster. And when I let a tear slip down my face with the sweat, the weight of the world seemed to melt off my shoulders.

Then the ladies gave me sweaty hugs. These are best accepted when you yourself are sweaty as well (which I was).

Let’s just hope my friends don’t start charging me by the hour. 🙂

As for my heel pain, I’ve been stretching my foot and calf daily to help relieve the pain in my heel and I’ve got my foot rolling on a frozen water bottle as I type. I need to run and I’m hoping my foot can get on board with me on this one.

If you’re wondering why I’m not doing the yoga (as I like to now call it), we can blame the new job for the late hours. I’m hoping that things will settle down soon and I’ll actually leave the office and make it to class when I say I’m going to. In the meantime, I just ordered the AM and PM Yoga dvd with Rodney Yee and I plan to put it into good use when it arrives this weekend.

How do you relieve stress?


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