When it suddenly poured rain on my run and I had my iPhone on me …

24 Mar


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It was around mile seven during Saturday morning’s 10-miler that the sky opened up and started to dump buckets of rain on us. I’m not talking a light drizzle here … I’m talking full-on torrential downpour.

As soon as I felt the first raindrop, I pulled my running belt up under my shirt and started to run hunched over the area where my iPhone was stored in a hopeful attempt to  save it from an untimely water death.

Before long our running group was soaked from head to toe, but I held on to hope that my iFitness iPhone add-on pocket would somehow keep my phone lifeline dry.

When my sunblock started to roll into my eyeballs, I lost the ability to see. And there was so much water on my face I became unable to distinguish between rain water and snot. I was running wet and blind and unable to breathe through my nose, with no end in sight.

Almost three miles later the rain began to let up as we approached the end of our 10-mile run. Perfect. Timing.


Before I got into my car, I wringed the water out of my hair and towel dried the best I could. Then I reached down to check on the poor state of my phone. To my surprise, my iPhone was still dry in it’s little pouch. It would remain the only thing dry the entire drive home.

I feel these are lessons I’ve learned before, but apparently I need to be reminded:

  • Always check the weather before a run.
  • If there’s any sign of rain, don’t run with my iPhone.
  • If there’s any sign of rain, skip the sunblock on my face and wear a hat instead.

On the bright side since we were already soaking wet we took full advantage of jumping in rain puddles. Adults really should jump in more rain puddles.

Oh, and apparently I run faster partially unable to see and soaking wet. Woohoo!


One Response to “When it suddenly poured rain on my run and I had my iPhone on me …”

  1. joannerambling March 25, 2013 at 10:42 pm #

    Runing in the rain would be cool well I think it would be anyway………..

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