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Marathon Nightmare

16 Nov

Last night I had my first marathon nightmare.

In my dream, I was standing in my corral, waiting to start the race when I looked down and I was wearing…. SHORTS. And not like dry-wick performance running shorts. I was wearing an old pair of blue ADIDAS shorts that I’ve had since the sixth grade.

You know the kind, they’re soft and super comfy, but if you tried to run down the street in them they would likely fall to your ankles because they are that loose and the drawstring has been missing for years.

And even on the off-chance that they didn’t fall off, they would ride up like there’s no tomorrow. All I could think about was the severe chafing that would result! My choice was clear: I would have to run the marathon in my underwear. (Let me add that I can’t be held responsible for the logic I had in a dream.)

I woke up this morning and was relieved to find out that my real marathon is eight weeks away and I have plenty of time to make sure I have my capris ready.  But with my first 20-mile run quickly approaching (it’s Saturday), I’m finding myself anxious about the run which could explain the nightmare.

How about you? Do you ever get anxious before long runs or your big race? Have you ever had a nightmare about it?