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Easter Sunrise

9 Apr

Saturday night  Donnie and I decided that we wanted to watch the sunrise Easter Sunday at the beach. Only problem there was that we would have only a few hours of sleep. Not like I’m not used to waking up at ridiculous hours…

We woke up around 5:40 AM and surprisingly we were out the door in less than 20 minutes. This is a record for us. Anyone that has ever gone to the beach with us knows this is nothing short of a miracle.

As we pulled up to New Smyrna Beach, we realized there was a beach-side service going on. We watched the sunrise with worship music in the background. Then we walked down the beach a little. We didn’t go far because of our injuries: Donnie coming back from an almost-stress fracture and me and my little IT band.

It was a gorgeous sunrise. It was cloudy, so the sun was shining down through the clouds. It looked like heaven shining down in the distance. It made for the perfect backdrop for some prayer and reflection.

As we walked further from the music, we heard nothing but waves crashing and the birds calling out to the world. The sounds of the beach are my happy place.

Here are some pics I took:

Afterwards we listened to Pastor Rick’s message back at the beach-side service before heading off for some breakfast. We returned to the beach stuffed and ready to catch some zzz’s on the beach.

When Donnie’s foot is better, we plan to have a sunrise run along the beach. I’ll be counting down the days…

Where’s your happy place?