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I Can Never Run Again

15 May

It’s been just over a week since my second marathon and this is the thought that crosses my mind several times a day: “What if I can never run again?”

Even after my first marathon, I had rejoined my running group after just one week. I was restless. And I’m terribly restless now. And did I mention that I’m scared I’ll never be able to run again??

I’m on a serious icing, rolling, stretching, and absolutely no running regiment for a month. I even made a new frenemy:

Meet my frenemy: The Stick

The Stick is coined as a “toothbrush for muscles” on its website. However, I can’t remember the last time I was screaming in pain as I brushed my teeth. I picked this bad boy up at Track Shack last week.

Almost nightly I’ll lay down and ask Donnie to roll my leg. He said he barely uses any pressure, but when he rolls around my knee I swear he’s getting me back for something. Since crying while getting one’s IT band rolled out is out of the question, I instead scream and laugh while gripping a pillow and pretending this is good for me.

And all the while I think, “What if I can never run again?”

Coincidently, when I roll my own leg in the AM’s it’s a lot less painful, though I’m pretty sure it’s less beneficial too.

Since I’m starting to get scared that it’s been a week and I still have to take the stairs one at a time, I’m going to make an appointment with a doc to confirm that this is just my IT band. I tend to heal better when my mind is at ease.

Once I hear what the good doc has to say I hope to start my yoga back up again. Until then, I’m enjoying being a couch potato. And I’m totally thankful that I’m blessed to have two good legs, with a flare for the dramatic.

Have you had an injury that kept you from running? How long did you have to take a break for?