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My Rational (and Irrational) Running Fears – Part Deux

16 Dec

Laying in bed and unable to sleep. These are the thoughts that are currently running through my head:

  • What if I can’t fall asleep?
  • What if my 3:30 AM alarm clock doesn’t wake me up?
  • What if I forget which meeting spot to drive to and accidentally go to the wrong one?
  • What if my watch dies mid-run because I forgot to charge it? (Quickly get up to find my watch and check to see if it needs to be charged. It does need to be, so I plug it in.)
  • What if I forget to grab my watch from the charger in the AM? (Set reminder on iPhone)
  • What if I get stuck on an ‘X’ name while playing the name game? (Quickly Google ‘celebrity names that start with the letter x’… Xander Berkley (actor) and Xavier Hernandez (former baseball player)… This should be good.)
  • What if my thighs rip a hole in my pants?
  • What if my ass rips a hole in my pants? (Decide that I most certainly must wear underwear under my running tights for this very reason)
  • What if my tendonitis flares in my left ankle?
  • What if new tendonitis decides to introduce itself?
  • What if my IT band tightens up?
  • What if I run out of fuel? (Set reminder to run with cash)
  • What if we run out of Atomic Energy Bites? They don’t make these any more!!
  • What if I run for so long that my shoes start to fall apart?
  • What if this is a hard run?
  • What if it’s not just a hard run, but the hardest run ever?
  • What if I don’t make it? How will I ever run the full marathon?

More to come… after the run.


My Rational (and Irrational) Running Fears

18 Nov

Things I’m currently worried about for tomorrow’s 20-mile run:

  • Hitting a wall
  • Hitting multiple walls
  • Falling into a bottomless pothole
  • Tripping on a brick
  • IT band issues
  • Peacock attacks
  • Getting stumped playing The Name Game
  • No one wanting to play The Name Game
  • All of the water stations running out of water
  • Yellow Gatorade
  • Getting hit by a car
  • Getting hit by a cyclist
  • Getting hit by a baseball
  • Finally catching the severe cough that my co-workers having been passing around the office between now and seven hours from now
  • Having a tendonitis flare up
  • Chafing so bad that blood soaks through my clothes
  • Sleeping through my alarm
  • Cemetery zombies
  • Becoming a running zombie
  • Boredom
  • Bird poop
  • Alligators
  • Losing my car key somewhere between mile 1 and 20
  • Running out of things to talk about
  • Take so long to run that my Nike+ watch runs out of battery
  • Not finishing
  • The ice bath I will undoubtedly have to take afterwards

More to come after the run …