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A Foggy Tuesday

28 Feb

20120228-140827.jpgThis morning I decided to run solo around my end of town. We run so much in Winter Park that I tend to forget how nice it is to run in my own ‘hood. Plus, this would let me sleep in a couple of hours because I was running on my own schedule.

I dragged myself out of bed around 6:25 and was out the door twenty minutes later. As soon as I stepped outside I noticed the fog. It engulfed everything around me. It blurred the end of the street, so that looked like I was running to no where. Let’s say that this morning’s four-mile run featured fog.

I love running through a sleepy city, especially when fog is hugging its buildings and trees. The world was extra quiet this morning and I was very aware of my breathing and the sound of my every step hitting the pavement. When I got to Lake Eola, I stopped to take in the view. The setting of the lake and fountain with the buildings in the background blurred by the fog looked like one of those pictures where the edges are blurred, the birds disappearing into the mist. It was beautiful.

I ran home feeling ready to take on my day.

I don’t have my borrowed Garmin near me, so I’ll update this post with the real stats later.

Here’s my best guess:

  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Time: 46 minutes
  • Avg Pace: 11:30/mile

What workout has left you in awe of your city?


A Short Run and New Favorite Top

11 Nov

It’s been a busy week. After missing my Tuesday morning run, and sleeping through my Wednesday makeup run, I slept in Thursday morning as well. So when I came home from work last night, I was making no excuses. I had to run!

As soon as I walked in the door, the couch was sitting there looking at me, enticing me to join for just a little while. I ignored the taunts and went to throw on some running clothes.

Which brings me to the topic of my new favorite running top. I’ve been eyeing this scoop neck tank from Lululemon. I even tried it on and admired it’s perfect fit, but at $52.00 I couldn’t justify it as I was already buying a running skirt from them that was similarly priced. So I had a very grow- up, disciplined moment and put the top back.

A few weeks ago, my friend told me that Old Navy was having a sale on their active wear. I really didn’t have many expectations when I went, but Old Navy is almost across the street from me so it was at least worth a quick look. Imagine my surprise when I saw this look-alike compression tank top on sale for only $12.50. Again, I grabbed it to try on, but was sure it would have a weird fit or have a short torso or something. But when I tried it on, it fit well.

So last night was my first run wearing it. Here’s a lovely self portrait:

My new Old Navy tank

Don’t judge the fact that I have on eye makeup please, I went running directly after work. 🙂

So after my run, my prognosis is: I love it! The tank had a long torso, so even though it did ride up a little bit, it never rode up above my waistline. I even ran into a friend at the lake and she complimented it.

Which brings me back to my run. It’s been a while since I’ve run laps around Lake Eola so I headed over there in my car. I can run there, but I wanted to run with music and didn’t want to worry about cars. On my drive there I wondered why I didn’t just wake up in the morning… I wanted nothing more than to sit on my couch and veg out after my long day at work.

In the end, I only ran 2.35 miles (three laps around Lake Eola). My calves were so tight! All week I’ve been rolling my thighs and hips to avoid IT pain and totally neglected my calves. So I finally gave up and went home to stretch and roll my calves for a good hour.

I did snap this pic of the lake before leaving:

The new fountain in Lake Eola

The Lake Eola fountain was broke for what seemed to be forever, and running around the lake just wasn’t the same without it. I’m glad it’s back, and much more colorful!

Which do you prefer? Wake up early to work out or workout after work?