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Lady Lovenotes

30 Nov

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I can spend hours upon hours enjoying the ridiculousness available at someecards.com so I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed Lululemon’s lovenotes on their website.

Yesterday I found my new favorite lovenote: “Let’s watch Love Actually together.”

Every year, my best lady friend hosts her annual Love Actually night for all us lady friends around the holidays. She cooks pasta, we bring wine and chocolate and other tasty treats and together we crowd around the TV and laugh together (and sometimes we sniffle a bit too). And it wouldn’t be our annual Love Actually night if my friend T didn’t spill some sort of red drink. This year I’m considering bringing her  a sippy cup.

So I, of course, shared this lovenote with our lovely party host. It’s such a simple holiday tradition, but it brings us ladies together every year and it always brings us joy and laughter. And a carpet or couch stain. But this year we will try to leave her house unscathed.

Which is your favorite lovenote?  Do you have any holiday traditions with your lady friends?