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Race Signs

10 May

One of my favorite parts of running any race are the signs along the way. I don’t know what it is, but as a runner, words written on a piece of poster board can be so helpful when you need it the most. They either make you laugh or shout absurdity’s to its holder, or if you’re just plain delirious and tired you might cry. For just a moment in time, they distract you from the task at hand (running many miles) and focus your attention elsewhere.

A few years ago, the OUC Half Marathon course took runners right by the end of our street. My friend was running it, so we made sure to make a poster. I like to do one side of the poster name specific for friends, and the other side just plan ridiculous for the rest of the runners.

It was a cold morning, and my friend Tim (a.k.a. “Coach”), my boyfriend Donnie and I wore many layers and drank coffee to stay warm as we waiting for our friend SB to run by. I also made this poster, which generated a lot of feedback:

Donnie (holding the sign), Tim and the pugs

The reaction from the freezing, scantily-clad runners was hilarious and this is one of my favorite race posters that I’ve made to date.

Imagine my excitement when Jill from JoggingJeans.com branched out to a new hilarious blog: Best Race Signs. I know I would be referencing it the next time I was spectating and needed to make another sign! This post is for her. 🙂

There were tons and tons of great signs at the Flying Pig Marathon. I got pictures of my favorites when possible.

(I almost hurt myself getting this first one)

I think this one was my favorite.

I’m always a sucker for a little potty humor.

Around mile 15 or so…

A special shout out to the sign that read “I’ll be your support” and had a drawing of a bra and a jockstrap on it. I was too busy distracted by beer to get a photo.

Which race signs have been your favorite?