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Shit Runners Say

24 Jan

I’ve been enjoying the the original Shit Girls Say videos and all of the spin-offs that have developed. Most recently, I came across the Sh!t Runners Say version above, which had me chuckling in agreement.

It got me to thinking about some of the more random things said over our morning runs during the last six months. Here are some of the ones that come to mind:

  • “Hey, your sweat on your back looks like a heart!”
  • “That’s right. I sweat pretty.”
  • “Let’s get this hell train moving.”
  • “Do you think running up these hills will make my ass look like Kim Kardashian’s?”
  • “My buns, they don’t feel nothing like steel.”
  • “Can we walk to that light?”
  • “No, not this light. I meant that light down there.”
  • “Can we run Dinky Donk again?”
  • “How long until our next walk interval?”
  • “Does you have any new shark stories?”
  • “Try that berry on that bush and tell us if it’s any good.”
  • “Okay, we just have two stop signs, a left and then some more running and then we’ll be done.”
  • “If I was attacked by zombies running through the cemetery, would you stay and help me?”
  • “Uh oh. Did you you have potato soup for dinner  again last night?”
  • “Where’s the nearest bathroom?”
  • “I think that guy down the road has his pants down. Yeah, he definitely has his pants down.”
  • “If I get hit by a car, that means I get to stop running, right?”
  • “Yeah! There’s purple Gatorade!”
  • “Sorry we’re late. We got lost over in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.”

During this morning’s run, we tried to pick up the pace during a 3.5-mile run. I forgot to charge my borrowed Garmin yet again, so I don’t know how fast (or slow) we ran. But it felt good to incorporate some hills. I usually hate hills, so I think this cool air must be affecting my brain.

On the way home from my run the sky looked like a work of art. If I was a painter, I would totally paint this (minus the power lines, of course).

Back to the video, which of the Shit ____ Say videos is your favorite?