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Tempo Thursday

16 Feb

This morning’s workout was a tempo run:

  • Run an 800 at 10k pace around track
  • Run 2 miles out at tempo pace (30 seconds per mile faster than goal race pace)
  • Drink water
  • Run 2 miles back at tempo pace
  • Run a 400 at 5k pace around track

My personal goal for this run was to run it without walk intervals, which I managed to accomplish. Though it did take some mind trickery along the way:

Naysay Hey: I can’t do this. I have to walk. I feel like I’ve run one million miles.

Happy Hey: You’re almost done. You can do this.

Naysay Hey: What? But we haven’t even gotten to the 2-mile turnaround point! I need to walk.

Happy Hey: You ran 3 miles on Sunday without stopping. You can do 4.

Naysay Hey: But…

Happy Hey: But nothing. Keep running. This is fun! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Yes, sometimes I talk to myself while running.

I wish I had stats but I forgot to charge my borrowed Garmin. It died after the first 400 on the track. I do know that my second half of the run was slower than the first. It was hard, but I felt great afterwards (once I caught my breath, of course).

Do you ever talk to yourself while running?