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8 Nov

I didn’t wake up to run before work, so tonight I had to go on a 3-mile training run. After work I drove straight home, threw on my running clothes and headed out for three miles. If I ever stop to sit on the couch or walk the dogs, my chances of going for a run decrease by at least 50%.

I’ve found that when I run by myself, my thoughts wander into a array of random thoughts. Sometimes I go into deep thought. Other times not. Tonight was the later.

This is what tonight looked like in my brain:

Wow, this is a gorgeous night. I love running in this weather!

These shoes are really bright. There’s no way a car could ever hit me with these on. Unless they were blinded by my shoes. Then they might hit me.

What’s for dinner?

Did I just say good morning to that lady? Yes, I think I did. Maybe she thought I said something else. What sounds like good morning? Good horning? Good Maureen? That makes no sense. Why would I say those things? But then again, why did I say good morning at this hour?

Tacos would be good. Mmmm…

Crap, which road do I turn on? Is it this one? It feels right, but kinda wrong. Hmmm… I’ll just turn down it.

I hope Donnie wants tacos. Wait, what am I saying? Donnie always wants tacos. That boy is going to turn into a taco one day.

This doesn’t feel right. Did I go the wrong way?

I hate brick roads. What if I trip crossing the street and get run over by a car? I hope they see my neon shoes before they run me over.

I can’t wait for people to put Christmas lights up. My runs will be so pretty!

Whoa, this look familiar. Did I just run in a circle? Yes, yes I did. I knew that was the wrong turn!

I should’ve woken up early and ran. I could be at home sitting on the couch right now.

Where should we get tacos from?

What day is today? Is Grey’s Anatomy on tonight?

I remember when F*R*I*E*N*D*S used to be on Thursday nights. I love the episode where Phoebe runs like a kid. Best episode ever. I wonder if I could run like that. Knowing me, I would probably throw my back out.


Wow, I’m almost home?

Be careful self. Don’t trip over sidewalk cracks. You can’t afford to lose your two front teeth right now. You would have to get married with two chicklets stuffed in the spaces. That would be sad. But I bet I could just smile for the pics with my mouth closed.

I’m home already?

I’m home already!

And much to my excitement, Donnie was fully supportive of my wanting tacos for dinner.