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9 Mar

I stand about 5’3″, weight 155 pounds and have really great birthing hips. I overpronate and it takes me almost two steps to Donnie’s one to keep up with him. I, by no means, have a traditional runner’s body, I will never win a race (unless it’s against a crawling baby) and I make all running outfit decisions based on whether my thighs will rub together.

Everything about my body tells me to go find another form of exercise, but I don’t want to. I want to run.

And at least I have a tall man in my house to reach the highest shelves.

Thanks Runner’s World for the chuckle:


Cowbell Lady

17 Jan

Today was my first run since the marathon and those four miles were rough.

I wish I’d had the Cowbell Lady from the WDW Marathon there for extra motivation:

I must run. I am a marathon runner.

22 Oct

In a couple hours I am setting off for a short two miler to test how my tendonitis is doing. If all feels well, I’ll go on another short run with my group tomorrow morning.

On a related note, my boyfriend’s sister shared this YouTube video with me and it gave me a good laugh. Runners are so weird. 😉


Oh, and I am finally registered for the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon. This just got real real up in here.

Babies are the New Medal

12 Oct

When I read this story about a woman giving birth after the Chicago Marathon this past Sunday, I had two initial thoughts:

  1. Which was harder: completing the marathon or giving labor?
  2. Whoa… she ran at an 11 or 12 minute mile pace? That’s my pace during long slow runs and I’m just carrying myself!

From the video interview, it looks like running the marathon nearly 39 weeks pregnant was easier than the labor for Amber Miller.

All I know is that the next time I’m running long, if I even think about complaining I’m going to say this to myself: “Push through, Hey. If a pregnant woman can do this, so can you.”

And then I’ll go ahead and eat for two afterwards.