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Playing with Food

17 Oct

I’m not the best cook. But on the bright side, I’m also not the worst cook. I border somewhere between lazy and uninspired. The lazy part is particularly why I absolutely love easy recipes. Easy is something I can do.

While reading one of my favorite local blogs, Meals and Miles, I found this recipe on how to spice up a frozen pizza. Runny eggs used to disgust me, but after four years of watching my boyfriend soak up his yolk with everything on his plate I finally gave in and gave it another go. And I grew to actually crave it. Who am I??

Sprucing up my Archer Farms Mediterranean pizza seemed simple enough. I added bacon, fresh mushrooms, mozzarella (in my opinion pizza can never be too cheesy) and halfway through the baking time I added three eggs as suggested.

Here’s how it looked out of the oven:

My Archer Farms mediterranean pizza with added bacon, mozzarella, mushrooms and eggs

I paired it with a spinach salad with mushrooms, bacon and mozzarella. I like buying spinach because (a) it’s good for you, and (b) you can always use it to make a salad or saut√© with salt, pepper and a little parmesan cheese for a yummy side. I hadn’t decided on what type of dressing when I took this pic, but I settled on good ol’ light ranch. That certainly wasn’t the healthiest option, but it did make me oh so happy!

My spruced up pizza with a spinach salad

If you’re not a big yolk fan, this might not be for you, but if you are, I strongly suggest sprucing up your frozen pizza with eggs.

Have you ever added anything unusual to spice up your frozen pizza?