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Race Recap: Seniors First Turkey Trot 5k

26 Nov

Five years ago I ran my very first 5k on a cool Thanksgiving morning. The Seniors First Turkey Trot 5k has quickly became one of my favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions and is the only 5k that I make sure to run every year.

This year my boyfriend Donnie was sidelined with a bad case of tendonitis, so he decided that he would cheer his Pops and I on from the sidelines with our two pugs. I felt bad that he couldn’t run, but he had to do this last year too and I knew that I would love seeing his face along the run.

The race started at 8 AM, so Donnie’s Pops and I set out on foot to Lake Eola around 7:20. Pops commented on how this would be his first time to arrive to the race on time. You see, Donnie doesn’t have a good track record with getting to races early.

We got to the start line about 20 minutes later and did some stretching before we jumped into the start line crowd.

Here are a couple of pictures from the start:

Me and Pops at the start line. I look like at I could've used a couple more hours of sleep. 🙂

At the start of the Turkey Trot

Usually Pops and I race each other, but this year we decided to just cruise and enjoy the race. Since my other foot is now hurting me, I welcomed the relaxed pace, rather then the usual bobbing and weaving I have to do in such a large crowd:

Mile one. Pops is in the zone. 😉

A little after mile one we saw these three:

We had the cutest support team.

Rex (the fawn pug) was a little preoccupied with all of the runners to pay little ol’ me any attention, but Tank (the black pug) wanted to be pet. I quickly obliged then off we went again.

Running down Amelia

Here’s a shot of the last mile. I always like this stretch, it means we’re almost done.

Mile 3 of the Turkey Trot

I sprinted the home stretch so I didn’t get any pictures of the finish line. I finished the 5k in just over 34 minutes. Certainly not my best time, but it really was a beautiful run and I love that I got to take it all in this time.

Afterwards I went to get a banana with Rex in tow. I didn’t realize that he’s basically a rock star and would get so much attention. A little of this special petting attention resulted in Rex getting sprinkled with red energy drink:

Rex's dye job

He didn’t seem to mind.

While Donnie and I waited for Pops to get his post-run snacks, Rex and Tank had a small group of runners petting them. I looked up and recognized one of the runners when she mentioned her new dog Molly. It was Andrea from from one of the running blogs I follow: Run, Eat, Date, Sleep. It’s always fun to meet people face-to-face!

Pops and I caught a ride home with Donnie and the pups:

Tank and I on the ride home

When we got home I made us some yummy pumpkin pancakes to celebrate.

Did you start your Thanksgiving Day with a run?


Get Stuff Done Monday

21 Nov

Today I checked off three items on my to-do list so I’m feeling super accomplished:

  • Register for the Turkey Trot 5k: Five years ago I ran my first 5k – the Turkey Trot in the downtown Orlando area. Donnie ran it every year with his Pops and he  encouraged me to join in the tradition. Five years later I’m keeping the tradition alive. I love starting Thanksgiving with a run!  

My 5th Turkey Trot

  • Buy new running shoes: My NB Minimus kicks were looking pretty run down and with the marathon just over a month away, I figured now would be the perfect time to buy a new pair.

New shoes, meet old shoes.

  • Buy ingredients for my Thanksgiving cooking: I always make pumpkin pie and candied sweet potatoes. Plus this year I’m planning on making pumpkin pancakes after the Turkey Trot.

What did your Monday look like?