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Cyclin’ to Truckin’

16 Oct

My marathon training had me scheduled to run 18 miles yesterday. But since I’m on a temporary hiatus from running while I recover from my tendonitis, I instead rode my stationary bike for an hour and a half this morning. As much as I love catching up on my Grey’s Anatomy (I roll the bike into our family room and watch TV while I ride), I am so ready to get back on the road with my running group.

A trip to Target and some other errands behind me later I found myself with my little sister at TheDailyCity.com Food Truck Bazaar held in the Fashion Square Mall parking lot, where two of my other friends also met up with us.

I was saving myself for The Batter Bowl Truck, but my sis convinced me to start with some empanadas from Black Bean Deli’s new truck, La Empanada.

At La Empanada, my sister and I each picked an empanada and split them. These were our choices:

The menu at La Empanada, Black Bean Deli's food truck

I chose the tomato-basil caprese and my sister went more traditional with the picadillo:

The tomato-basil caprese empanada (left) and the picadillo empanada (right)

Afterwards, my sister headed to the Pupusas truck and tried its signature dish, a pupusa.

Finally we headed over to The Batter Bowl:

The Batter Bowl Truck

After debating between the creme brulee and the chocolate peanut butter pie, I settled on the pie. It was rich, but light and I loved the creamy texture and the chocolate cookie crust at the bottom:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie from The Batter Bowl

My friends had the “dessert-chos” which was ginger snap nachos with a light, creamy pumpkin dip. So yummy!

Dessert-chos from The Batter Bowl: Ginger snap "nachos" with pumpkin dip in a nacho container

What a delicious end to the weekend! Have you ever gone to one of the food truck bazaars? If so, which is your favorite truck?