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A Strong Fourteen Miles

1 Apr

Earlier today I posted my April Fool’s blog for the day, announcing that I was going to quit running. If you read down to the bottom, you caught that I would denounce this decision by Tuesday morning, when my next run is scheduled. Hee hee.

And while the reasons were quite honest (I really do hate waking up early and I miss sleeping in on Saturday mornings), I do believe that the benefits of running far outweigh these cons. Besides, running keeps me from going cray cray. 🙂

Since yesterday’s long training run was to be 10 to 14 miles, I set out for our run at 6 AM with the intent to run 10 miles. This is what happens when you give me a range… I mentally commit to the lowest mileage.

However, the stars were aligned yesterday and I felt so good that I ran just over 14 miles. Aside from the bug that stalked me for two blocks, I thoroughly enjoyed the run. Maybe it was my new favorite yummy running snack, the Vanilla Organic Stinger Waffle, that put a pep in my step. Or maybe it was the Mexican food I had for dinner the night before. Whatever it was, it worked!

Around mile 13 I convinced my wonderful Marathonfest group leaders to pose for this pic with me. I’m pretty sure they were welcoming the sit down break. 🙂

My group leaders, Emily and Sue, and I cheesin' at 13 miles

It really was the perfect day for a run! And with the Flying Pig Marathon only five weeks away, it was good to have a positive run!

Afterwards, one of my group mates and I doubled back to Panera. We wanted coffee badly.

Here were my run stats:

  • Distance: 14.29 miles
  • Time: 03:18:01
  • Avg Pace: 13:51/mile
Afterwards I headed home to begin a weekend of much needed rest.
Did you get your sweat on outside this weekend? 


My Pumpkin Obsession: Protein Shake and Italian Ice

9 Nov

This week I continued on my endless pursuit of eating all things pumpkin with two new pumpkin-flavored items.

I’m not sure how it is that I have never had Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in Winter Park, FL until Monday, but I’m pretty sure that my decision to eat Jeremiah’s Pumpkin Pie Ice as my lunch righted this wrong.

Jeremiah's Pumpkin Pie Ice

Jeremiah's Pumpkin Pie Ice

And tonight, I was shopping at Whole Foods when I encountered this new Odwalla flavor: Super Protein Pumpkin. Fall in my protein drink? Yes, please!

Odwalla Super Protein Pumpkin

Where else have you unexpectedly (but pleasantly) been surprised by pumpkin flavors?

My Pumpkin Obsession: Oatmeal

26 Oct

I had some leftover pumpkin in the refrigerator and saw a friend post on Facebook that adding pumpkin to your oatmeal was a delicious treat. And with my fall obsession with pumpkin, you know I couldn’t resist. I added a tablespoon of pumpkin, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a small squirt of lite butter syrup to my instant oatmeal and it was indeed delish!

I’ve never really added anything but syrup to my oatmeal before. This really makes me want to explore what other goodies I can mix in.

Do you ever mix anything in to your oatmeal? If so, what?