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My Pumpkin Obsession: Protein Shake and Italian Ice

9 Nov

This week I continued on my endless pursuit of eating all things pumpkin with two new pumpkin-flavored items.

I’m not sure how it is that I have never had Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in Winter Park, FL until Monday, but I’m pretty sure that my decision to eat Jeremiah’s Pumpkin Pie Ice as my lunch righted this wrong.

Jeremiah's Pumpkin Pie Ice

Jeremiah's Pumpkin Pie Ice

And tonight, I was shopping at Whole Foods when I encountered this new Odwalla flavor: Super Protein Pumpkin. Fall in my protein drink? Yes, please!

Odwalla Super Protein Pumpkin

Where else have you unexpectedly (but pleasantly) been surprised by pumpkin flavors?

My Pumpkin Obsession: Pancakes

23 Oct

To continue feeding my pumpkin obsession, yesterday morning I made pumpkin pancakes.

On I found several pumpkin pancake recipes that looked both tasty and easy to make. Usually, I tend to choose the recipe with the least amount of ingredients needed, but because I had a lot of the ingredients on-hand from my recent pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I chose this one.

I mixed my ingredients in two separate bowls as instructed then combined into one bowl to get my batter.

Pumpkin pancake batter

Then I used a 1/4 cup measuring spoon to portion my pancakes on a lightly greased pan. After a little trial and error, I realized I needed to flatten them a little so that my pancake wasn’t too thick and could cook all the way through.


My house smelled delicious and the actual pancakes tasted like fall. I loved every bite.

Breakfast is served. Nom nom.

The batter made enough pancakes for 4 to 6 people. Since it was just me and Donnie, I stored the extra batter in the frig and made pancakes this AM too.

My love for pumpkin is normal, right? I mean, I don’t need to start going to meetings or anything… not yet at least.

My Pumpkin Obsession: Cookies

21 Oct

I have what I consider to be a very healthy obsession with pumpkin. In the past, this was limited to pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks and pumpkin ale. But then I tried a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie at my friend Kate and Ryan’s housewarming party and I knew I was in trouble. Kate quickly supplied my habit by sharing the recipe with me. Too my delight, it’s super easy!

It turns out the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe is an one. You can click here for ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to make these cookies. The recipe calls for walnuts, but since I don’t want to take the chance with people’s nut allergies, I’ve been leaving them out. I also added a little pumpkin pie spice for extra flavor.

I’ve made these cookies twice so far and the masses love them. They are cake-like and super soft. Did I mention that these are easy to make? Aside from being pumpkin and tasting delish, the dummy-proof instructions are quite the selling point.

Baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. My house smelled so good and fall-like.

I made these cookies Wednesday night for a little department shindig we have monthly. Here are the cookies sitting right next to my next pumpkin obsession: Publix Pumpkin Pie ice cream. It has pie crust in it. PIE CRUST! This is one of their limited-edition ice creams, so I strongly suggest you go to the store right now and buy some. (I’m not kidding. Go. The blog will still be here later.)

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies + pumpkin pie ice cream = best ice cream sandwich ever

For the shindig my friend made this pumpkin roll with cream cheese that was amazing. She shared the recipe and I might try it for the holidays. If it passes my dummy test (me making it successfully) then I’ll post pics.

Next up this weekend: pumpkin pancakes.

What’s your favorite pumpkin-flavored recipe?

Playing with Food

17 Oct

I’m not the best cook. But on the bright side, I’m also not the worst cook. I border somewhere between lazy and uninspired. The lazy part is particularly why I absolutely love easy recipes. Easy is something I can do.

While reading one of my favorite local blogs, Meals and Miles, I found this recipe on how to spice up a frozen pizza. Runny eggs used to disgust me, but after four years of watching my boyfriend soak up his yolk with everything on his plate I finally gave in and gave it another go. And I grew to actually crave it. Who am I??

Sprucing up my Archer Farms Mediterranean pizza seemed simple enough. I added bacon, fresh mushrooms, mozzarella (in my opinion pizza can never be too cheesy) and halfway through the baking time I added three eggs as suggested.

Here’s how it looked out of the oven:

My Archer Farms mediterranean pizza with added bacon, mozzarella, mushrooms and eggs

I paired it with a spinach salad with mushrooms, bacon and mozzarella. I like buying spinach because (a) it’s good for you, and (b) you can always use it to make a salad or sauté with salt, pepper and a little parmesan cheese for a yummy side. I hadn’t decided on what type of dressing when I took this pic, but I settled on good ol’ light ranch. That certainly wasn’t the healthiest option, but it did make me oh so happy!

My spruced up pizza with a spinach salad

If you’re not a big yolk fan, this might not be for you, but if you are, I strongly suggest sprucing up your frozen pizza with eggs.

Have you ever added anything unusual to spice up your frozen pizza?